Flying the hostel nest

After living in a hostel for three months, I’ve just moved into my own room for a while; just to save money over Christmas. 

Living in hostels has been the best. I wouldn’t have wanted to experience the places I have been to in any other way.

Over Christmas and new year, the prices soar; completely unaffordable. Renting a room in a share house is saving me almost 500 bucks. 

People who aren’t accustomed to living in hostels always say to me ‘how do you cope?’ Hostels aren’t that bad at all! 

 I have met so many amazing people through hostels; people from all over the world. It’s a platform to make friends. I will miss meeting new people on a daily basis. 

I lived in the village hostel Surry hills for almost 7 weeks- which is a big proportion of my time in Sydney. 

I didn’t stay there for the cockroaches, the wait for the shower or the regular snoring; but for the people I met. 

Living in a hostel has meant I have spent nights drinking ‘Hong Thong’ whiskey outside of a hostel in Chiang mai, partied in a gay club in Phuket and had a spontaneous night out on Khao San road; Just to name a few. 

I will miss coming home from work and at least one of my friends being there. Or always having someone to hang out with on my days off work. 

On the other hand, I’m looking forward to having my own space, not worrying about the five (or sometimes more) other people you’re sharing a room with. Now I can get a good nights sleep with no disturbances from other people. 

After living out of a backpack for three months; having a wardrobe is a luxury. Being able to unpack, and live ‘normally’ is fantastic. 

I’m definitely missing the hostel already but also loving living alone. It’s bitter sweet but all apart of my travelling experience. 

VLA hostel Raceday

You definitely make friends for life in hostels
The goon diaries
First friends I made in Sydney


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