Tassie Roadtrip Part 1

A new adventure. Driving around the beautiful island of Tasmania. 

The driving: 

So I haven’t driven since I passed my test. Which was a while ago. I wasn’t actually sure if I could remember how to drive. To start with I was pretty nervous, other drivers kept signalling me to speed up. Once I’d driven for a while, I was pretty comfortable. Some of the roads I’ve already had to drive up have been pretty scary. Narrow roads on the edge of the mountains probably weren’t the best for a new driver. Wish me luck… 

The ride

Sunsets and sunrises

So the first thing I really experienced once I arrived in Tasmania was the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen since being in Australia. I sat on a beach full of pebbles and the stillest, most peaceful water. I’m pretty much the only person around, except the odd dog walker passing by. It’s not a bad start. 

The perfect sunset shot

The next day, I’m up at the crack of dawn. Driving back towards the city of Launceston, the sun is slowly rising. I pull over at the first chance I get. I don’t think I’ve ever really seen the sunrise, I’ve been up early, but never in the perfect location to see the beginning of the day. In less than 24 hours I’ve seen the sunset and sunrise- what more can you ask for? 

Early bird

Sleeping in the boot

The plan originally was to get a cheap tent and sleep in that. Upon seeing that the back of my car was fairly spacious, I thought I’d try making a bed in the back. I brought pillows, a super fluffy blanket and already had a sleeping bag. I’m quite tall, 5ft 10 doesn’t fit into the back of the car well. My first night I didn’t sleep too well- I guess it’s something you have to get used to. The second night I slept really well, possibly from the exhaustion of my first nights lack of sleep. It’s actually not as bad is sounds. It’s pretty cold at night so I just wear lots of layers to sleep in. I actually quite like sleeping in my car. Wake up and drive to the next place. Easy. 

It’s not as bad as it looks..

Cataract gorge, Launceston

To get to the Gorge I had to drive up the steepest, winding road I’ve ever seen. I parked at the top, and got the cable cart down to the bottom. It was pretty slow, thankfully because there was nothing really strapping me in. It gave the perfect view, and was actually pretty relaxing. At the bottom there’s a river, a sort of lake and even a man made swimming pool. Upon walking back up to the car, I pass a slightly wobbly suspension bridge, and even seeing beautiful blue peacocks and a cute Wallaby along the way. 

Hey there lil Wallaby
Suspension bridge


It’s the capital of Tasmania, but it doesn’t even feel like a city, mind about a capital city. The water front is nice, the buildings have character, and when it’s sunny it’s very pretty. However when it’s raining it really does remind me of being at a nice seaside town in England. Just the way it feels pretty miserable that your by the sea but it’s cold and raining. 

On a sunny day
Versus a rainy day

Salamanca market

Hobarts famous Saturday market. Buzzing with people, the market is very local, but international at the same time. Most of the stall are selling local grown produce, and goods, but the visitors are both Tasmanian and international. You can hear accents from all over when walking through. There was also a choice of delicious food, from seafood, to pizzas, to a Wallaby burrito. 

Market day

To be continued… Next the great eastern drive, breaking down and the  worst hire company ever 


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